Changes to SLES in 2018

SLES is a Reasonable and Necessary support available to students leaving school who have a goal to work in open employment. SLES is typically offered to students who may not meet the access criteria for Disability Employment Services. 

In early 2018 the NDIA completed a review of SLES.

What did the review tell us?

While SLES was seen as a critical transition support, some improvements are needed. The Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) administered in Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and NSW was seen by schools as burdensome and the information for participants was available too late in the school year to make informed decisions.

Other concerns related to poor understanding of how SLES and Disability Employment Services (DES) work together to support participants to get a job. Participants also reported differences in the quality of SLES service provision.

What is different in 2018?

SLES will remain a reasonable and necessary support available nationally to NDIS participant school leavers. The FCA will no longer be administered by Education.  LAC's and Planners will use any available sources of information to inform planning decisions.

What will the Education sector involvement be?

The NDIA will work in partnership with Education authorities to understand what information school staff need regarding the range of NDIS supports available to school leavers. School staff will continue to support young people to engage with DES directly through the Eligible School Leaver program and, where appropriate, provide information to students about DES as a direct post school pathway. 

The NDIA acknowledges the shared responsibility of the NDIA and Education to support young people to successfully transition from school to further education, training and employment. Participants will be encouraged to share their education and NDIS plans to support their achievement of educational, vocational and skill development goals.

Key Message

The NDIA recognises that early intervention is likely to lead to better work and education outcomes. SLES will remain as a key transition support for participants.