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Terms of business | Quality and safeguards | Guide to suitability

Depending on what type of provider you are, organisations seeking to provide supports in Australian Capital Territory must abide by certain rules, regulations and agreements when providing services.

Terms of business

It is important that providers read and understand the terms of business. These are available in the Provider Toolkit key resources:

Quality and safeguards working arrangements

Working arrangements are currently under development and will be available here for download in the near future.

Guide to suitability

The guide to suitability is available in the Provider Toolkit key resources:

Providers are required to provide supports to participants consistent with the terms of business, quality and safeguards working arrangements, and guide to suitability. It is important to read the entire guide to suitability, but please ensure you pay particular attention to the section specifically about ACT providers.

Note: the guide to suitability will be updated shortly to reflect the state arrangements for transition.

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