Registration checklist

  1. Read and understand the WA Quality and Safeguards Working Arrangements:
  2. Read the NDIS Terms of Business that outline the commercial requirements for doing business with the NDIA:
  3. Register for PRODA (Provider Digital Account) access through the myplace portal:
  4. Create a myplace account:
  5. Submit an intent to register through myplace: 
  6. Select the registration groups to register for (types of services or supports you will offer). Descriptions of the Registration Groups and professions that can deliver them, and other evidence of experience required can be found in the Guide to Suitability for WA:
  7. Nominate the profession/s of people who will provide services in each registration group. See the ‘Professional Qualifications’ section in the Guide to Suitability (above).
  8. Read and sign the Declaration of Suitability:
  9. Provide supporting evidence and documentation (as required)
  10. Once you have completed your registration you will receive notification whether
    1. your application was successful;
    2. further documentation or information is required, or;
    3. your application is Pending State Approval.

You can only begin contacting participants to make service agreements once you have received your certificate of registration.

This page current as of
16 December 2019