Existing providers in WA – expanding service offerings

After you have registered, you may decide to expand your service offerings. To do so you must register for the registration group associated with the services you want to provide.

You will need to meet the quality and safeguards requirements set by the WA government relative to the new registration group.

Please review the Guide to Suitability for WA to understand the process for expanding service offerings in WA.

The NDIA only manages registrations for providers operating in WA. For any matters that may affect your registration in other jurisdictions, you must contact the NDIS Commission

Changes to organisation structure

Registered providers are required to inform the NDIA as soon as possible of any matter that may affect their registration.

If your organisation or business structure changes, you should inform the NDIA at the earliest opportunity by emailing provider.registration@ndis.gov.au.

This ensures you are informed of any actions you need to take to avoid significant impact on your provider registration status.

Change of Australian Business Number

The NDIA must register a provider against a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).

If the ABN associated with your provider registration changes or is cancelled, you need to notify the NDIA immediately. We can then advise the next steps you need to take.

If your ABN is cancelled, you may no longer be able to maintain your status as a registered provider.

If you have cancelled your ABN you should voluntarily revoke your reigstered provider status.

If you have a new ABN you must begin the registration process again by completing an Intent to Register in the myplace provider portal with your new ABN.

Any approvals and supporting evidence must be updated using the new legal entity name and ABN. The NDIA cannot process your application if you supply information using the name and ABN of your previous organisation.

This page current as of
9 September 2020