Provider portal technical requirements

This information is intended for organisations who are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It provides information about the technical requirements that registered providers must meet in order to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider portal.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider portal is a secure website that enables registered providers to do business online with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

What web browser do I need?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider portal is built to modern open web standards. Consequently, the portal will not operate correctly on older versions of web browsers.

The Provider Portal will work with the most popular modern web browsers. The National Disability Insurance Scheme recommends the following web browsers for use with the Provider portal:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 or 11
  • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  • Apple Safari 5

The National Disability Insurance Scheme recommends using Windows and MacOS X operating systems. The Provider portal has not been tested on the Linux operating system.

Some users have reported problems with the operation of AUSkey using Internet Explorer. If you experience such problems, they are likely to be due to the particular browser plug-ins that have been added to your browser.

How can AUSkey be installed?

Each user of the Provider Portal must obtain an AUSkey. Each AUSkey is personal to a user and identifies the person who is accessing the Provider Portal, as well as the registered provider they represent. This is described more fully in the fact sheet on managing user access to the Provider Portal.

The person s AUSkey can be installed in the following ways:

  • Installed on the hard-drive of the user s computer
  • Added to the user s Windows profile if the person might access the Provider portal from different computers, including thin client computers
  • Installed on a USB memory stick.

More information

More information about AUSkey technical and installation requirements can be found on the Australian Business Register website.

For technical support, contact Provider Support on 1800 800 110.

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