The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Innovation Plan is one of a number of broader SDA Framework Reforms.

Download the SDA Innovation Plan:

About the SDA Innovation Plan

The SDA Innovation Plan will see:

  • individual participant preferences and decisions driving quality, innovation and location
  • providers and industry supported to innovate and transform a sector of traditional group homes to buildings that are both indistinguishable from and intermingled with housing in the neighbourhood
  • leadership in housing design that promotes independence and community inclusion and moves away from high numbers of residents living together
  • the NDIA engaging with participants, providers and investors on matters relating to SDA market innovation
  • SDA housing combined with individualised support that builds participant capacity towards longer-term outcomes for social and economic participation.

The SDA Innovation Plan outlines the activities the NDIA will undertake over the next 18 months to encourage innovation in SDA. In developing the plan, the NDIA has collaborated with key stakeholders, seeking their contributions and feedback on the intent and activities in the plan, their thoughts on innovation in SDA and participant preferences.

The Innovation Plan and its outcomes will provide greater flexibility and choice for participants when it comes to housing.

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This page current as of
9 September 2020