Market information

Market Approach

The Market Approach explains the NDIA's role in encouraging a healthy and diverse market place for disability services and supports. It is important as the sector transitions to full scheme, because of the expected growth in disability support providers and services.

The Market Approach outlines how the NDIA will work with service providers within the disability industry and the community to encourage and support growth in the size, number and range of disability support providers and the services they offer.

Market enablement - role of NDIA as market steward

The Market Enablement Framework follows on from the Market Approach and discusses how the NDIA will fulfil its role as a market steward as the disability services market undergoes reform. It gives an understanding of the processes and procedures the NDIA is using to assess market issues and to determine the appropriate response to ensure a vibrant and functioning disability services market.

Market Position Statements

Market Position Statements share information about the emerging NDIS marketplace. They include information about:

  • the areas of expected growth
  • the areas of expected demand for services,
  • the characteristics of particular markets around Australia.

The Market Position Statements page includes the statement for each jurisdiction.

Market insights

The NDIA is committed to supplying the market with valuable information to encourage a vibrant disability support marketplace that responds to the choices and needs of participants.

Market Insights provide point in time data about:

  • demand for services
  • innovative supply models
  • outcomes.

These publications will help providers understand key trends and opportunities in specific submarkets. This information lets current and prospective providers make informed decisions about investing in and expanding services.

Find out more information on the Market insights page.

Quarterly reports and dashboards

The quarterly reports and dashboards provide information about participants in each area and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each area.

Benchmarking project overview

Effective and sustainable service delivery of the NDIS is important to achieving a vibrant and responsive market. Benchmarking is a useful, reliable and powerful resource to make development easier.

Benchmarking is common in most industries and has been effectively developed in the Australian aged care sector and in the social care sectors in the UK and USA.

Read more about financial benchmarking for the disability sector including current surveys and reports.

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20 February 2019