The NDIA has developed a series of Market Insights which offer concise information into specific submarkets, designed for providers looking to understand key trends and market opportunities.
The Market Insights cover information on:
  • current demand, such as purchasing patterns or the proportion of participants with a particular good or service in their plan
  • current supply, including information such as the type and number of registered providers and indicators of their market share
  • demand case stories that highlight how consumer demand is changing the market
  • supply case stories that highlight how providers are adapting their business and responding to participant choice.
The Market Insights focus on areas in the marketplace that need to grow substantially, change to reflect participant choices, and be created to meet participants’ needs in the NDIS. You can view our current Market Insights on Assistive Technology and Specialist Disability Accommodation.
The Market Insights will focus on areas in the marketplace that need to grow substantially, change to reflect participant choices, and be created to meet particpants' needs in the NDIS.

Current insights

You can view our current Market Insights on:
The Market Insight on Specialist Disability Accommodation will be available soon.

Access to information

Access to information about the growth and changing nature of demand in the NDIS market is crucial for business decision making. The NDIA is committed to supplying the market with as much data as possible to assist in the establishment of a vibrant disability support marketplace that is responsive to the choices and needs of participants.
There are already a range of resources that support new and existing providers in the transition to the NDIS:
  • Market Position Statements give a high-level view of projected demand and supply in each state and territory
  • Quarterly reports and their dashboards provide information (including statistics) about participants in each jurisdiction and the funding or provision of supports in each jurisdiction
  • Provider enews keeps the sector informed about developments and engagement opportunities
  • Provider Toolkit is a central place to learn about the NDIS and assist providers in planning and delivering supports and services to people with a disability


We want to make sure Market Insights are a valuable source of information for providers. To help us improve future Market Insights, we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
  • What information did you find useful?
  • Are the Market Insights easy to understand? Does anything require clarification?
  • What additional market information would you find useful?
  • What topics would you like to see covered by a Market Insight?


Market Insight documents are developed and released by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Such documents are assembled in good faith, and users must not rely solely on any of the material in the Market Insight documents. Users should perform extensive, independent market analysis and obtain appropriate professional advice.
Views and recommendations of third parties, which may also be included in the Market Insight documents, do not necessarily reflect the views of NDIA, or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action. In some cases the material may incorporate or summarise views, guidelines or recommendations of third parties. Links to internet sites may be included for convenience, but do not constitute endorsement by the NDIA of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.
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8 November 2019