Provider Toolkit

Working with the NDIS: your guide to being a registered provider illustrates the typical steps and processes that a provider must undertake to become a registered NDIS provider and supply services to NDIS participants.

Before you apply to become a registered provider, it is important that you read the Provider Toolkit, which includes the Guide to Suitability, the NDIA Terms of Business, and your State(s)/Territory(ies) Quality and Safeguard Working Arrangements.

Getting Started for providers can help you understand the steps an NDIS participant will take when entering the NDIS, how to begin to work with participants and if you currently work in the state or territory disability system, details on the transition to the NDIS.

We regularly update our Frequently Asked Questions which can also assist providers get started with the NDIS.

The Provider Toolkit is intended to give providers the information they need in order to complete their registration and manage it. Modules 1 to 7 of the Toolkit provides an overview of what you need to know, how to register and what you need to do to deliver supports and manage your registration. Modules 8-11 of the Toolkit includes all the detailed guides on how to complete these activities online in myplace.

The Modules in the toolkit are:

For more information you can visit the Providers: frequently asked questions page.

For providers that delivered services during trial we have prepared the following quick reference guide:

Module 1: Introduction and overview of the Provider Toolkit

This introductory module is designed for providers who are new to the NDIS and to the toolkit. It gives an overview of the NDIS principles, and the structure and contents of the tookit. There is information about what providers need to consider before registering for the Scheme, and information outlining the system for registering as a new provider. Each of these topics is covered in greater detail in the subsequent modules. This module also provides glossary for the many new terms you will come across within the rest of the toolkit.

Module 2: Registering as a Provider

Depending on what type of provider you are, organisations seeking to provide supports must abide by certain state/territory rules, regulations and agreements when providing services.

Please click on your state(s)/territory(ies) below to see what arrangements and requirements apply in your jurisdiction(s):

Module 3: Terms of Business

The NDIS Rules require that providers abide by terms and conditions of registration, as determined by the CEO. Breach of these terms of business may result in a provider having their registration revoked.

Module 4: Guide to Suitability

The Guide to Suitability provides guidance to providers on the professional qualifications, experience and expertise required in order to be registered to provide services to participants.

Module 5: Service Agreements

A participant who chooses to engage someone to provide supports under an NDIS plan will generally enter into a written agreement with the provider (a Service Agreement) that establishes agreed set of expectations of what and how supports will be delivered.

Module 6: Service Bookings

A service booking is the way a participant engages with their chosen provider(s) online and nominates the type of service, dates of support and funding to be allocated to a given provider.

Module 7: Payment and Assurance

In order to receive payment from a participant who has an agency managed plan, providers are required to submit a claim, called a payment request, electronically through myplace. It is important providers are

familiar with the Provider Assurance Programme and the level of recommended documentation to keep as evidence to support your claims for payment.

Module 8 - 11: myplace and other detailed guides

Detailed guides on how to complete these activities online in myplace:

Module 12: Glossary

This is a glossary of key NDIS terms:

Additional Resources

These products are designed to give providers an overview of the myplace portal and the key functions.

Bulk payment request resources
The step by step guide for bulk payment requests and video walks through the process of bulk uploading and explains when it should be used.

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