Transitioning existing providers to the NDIA

Most disability-specific, government-funded programs are transitioning to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. There may be a period of time when you are providing support to people with disability under existing contracted funding arrangements as well as under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Providers under contract to Australian and state and territory governments will have specific transitional arrangements agreed with their funding jurisdiction.

How will existing providers transition to the Scheme?

Commonwealth, state and territory governments have identified certain programs and providers to transition to the Scheme. The National Disability Insurance Agency is working with each jurisdiction to simplify this process where possible.

If you want to deliver supports to people with disability under the Scheme, you must register with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

When you are registered, you will be able to claim payments through NDIA's online business services for the supports you provide (unless they are part of your current funding contract).

For more information on registering, see Registering and doing business online.

What will happen to providers' existing funding arrangements?

When the NDIS starts in an area, some types of support provided to people with disability will continue to be delivered under existing block or individualised funding arrangements until the agreements end or the funding jurisdiction indicates that arrangements will change.

During the launch period of 2013-2016, most contracted funded services will transition gradually into the National Disability Insurance Agency fee-for-service arrangements.

How will providers be supported to make the transition?

The NDIA will work with providers to:

  • gradually transition supports and services into the Scheme, consistent with agreements between governments and as participants commence with the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • identify, develop and promote tools and resources and supports to help facilitate the transition.

The Australian Government has set up the Sector Development Fund and the Practical Design Fund to assist the disability sector, community and individuals to prepare for the new way of delivering supports to people with disability.

Who is responsible for safeguards and quality assurance?

A nationally consistent quality and safeguards framework is being developed to ensure that people interacting with the NDIS can expect consistent standards and safeguards wherever they live in Australia.

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