Financial benchmarking survey and report

Benchmarking Survey Overview

In January 2017, the NDIA appointed AbleInsight to independently manage and deliver a benchmarking survey capturing information on the operational models of disability service providers.

The survey is supported by the NDIA, National Disability Services (NDS), Mental Health Australia (MHA) and Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA), each of which is represented on the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) that oversees the operations of the Benchmarking Function.

The NDIA is supporting the survey to:

  • increase the information available to providers to gauge performance against their peers and support their transition to a more open and competitive market
  • develop a sustainable NDIS market that provides choice to participants in the Scheme
  • provide de-identified summary information about market capacity and operating efficiency (not data on individual providers) to inform the Agency's role as market steward and to allow evidence-based decision-making
  • improve the evidence base available to the Agency to support providers, oversee markets and make transparent decisions in its market stewardship role.

Current Survey

AbleInsight established a benchmarking survey that collects data on disability services and costs incurred by providers.

This data is collated and published by AbleInsight to help providers compare their costs with those of other similar services so they can operate as part of a vibrant and responsive market for disability supports.

Collection 3 of the survey is underway, focusing on analysis of the 2017-18 financial year. It is expected that the report for this survey will be published in the second half of 2019.


AbleInsight have already published two public reports from the benchmarking surveys. These reports identify and quantify sector trends from a growing longitudinal dataset.

Collection 1 – 2015-16

The first summary report was prepared using data from Collection 1 of the survey, which was conducted from October to December 2017.

This report covers services provided in the financial year ended 30th June 2016.

Collection 1 brings together the contributions of 48 disability services providers and establishes a baseline result that can be used as a comparator in future years.

Collection 2 – 2016-17

The second summary report was prepared using data from Collection 2 of the survey, which was conducted from April to August 2018.

This summary covers services provided in the financial year ended 30th June 2017.

Collection 2 brings together the contributions of 73 disability services providers that submitted 77 surveys. 28 of those providers also completed the Collection 1 Survey.

This report also analyses trends in key financial and operational sector-level metrics for NDIS providers over the two year period between July 2015 and June 2017.

Access the public reports

AbleInsight also produces individual benchmarking reports at no cost for each participating provider. These reports compare the provider’s performance to that of their peers.

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28 November 2019