Reporting suspected fraud

The Australian Government is committed to preventing fraud against its programs and services. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA – 'the Agency'), an Australian Government agency, is serious about preventing, detecting and dealing with fraud against the Agency and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

If you suspect someone may be committing fraud against the NDIA or NDIS you should report it.

What you have noticed may not be fraud, but we are still interested.
The best way to report suspected fraud is to call the Fraud Reporting Hotline on 1800 650 717.

What to report

Fraud is defined as:

Dishonestly obtaining a benefit or causing a loss by deception or other means.

We acknowledge that there are a range of behaviours that may seem suspicious, and that some of these might not be fraudulent, they might be mistakes or a misunderstanding – even if a mistake has been made, we need to hear about it so we can fix it.

We encourage you to report suspicious behaviour. Reports can be made anonymously and your rights are protected by law.

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collapsedWhat to report - NDIA employee (including Partners in the Community) behaviour

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How to report suspected fraud

The best way to report suspected fraud is to call the Fraud hotline on 1800 650 717 

A dedicated team of employees will record the details of your report. Even the smallest piece of information may be relevant.

We keep the information you tell us confidential. You can report anonymously and your rights are protected by law.

When reporting suspected fraud, keep in mind the following questions:

  • Who is the subject of your suspicions? (e.g. provider, NDIA employee (including Partners in the Community), or participant name)
  • When did the matter occur? (e.g. relevant dates or an approximate period of time)
  • What happened? Including how the matter came to your attention
  • Where did it occur? (e.g. addresses, regions etc.)
  • Why does it seem suspicious?

It is helpful for us to know whether the matter been reported elsewhere by you, or another person (if you have this information).

If you would prefer that a member of the team contact you, you can complete the Contact Form and we will get back to you. Click on the 'Other Enquiries' option and reference 'report suspected fraud' in your message / question section.

Alternatively, you can email us on you can also use this email address to provide us with any documents to support your allegations or report.

If you are a TTY user – phone 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 650 717

What we do with the information you provide

We take all reports of suspected fraud seriously and every allegation is assessed.

We know you may want to know about the progress and result of information you gave us. But we can't release individual details about our activities. This is due to the secrecy provisions in the laws we are bound by including the Privacy Act 1988.

Sometimes you may not see changes to someone's situation. The information you give us doesn't always result in changes to a person's, or entity's participation in the NDIS.

In some cases we may not take any further action. For example we may find:

  • the business or person you name doesn't provide services to the Scheme, or have involvement with the Scheme
  • the person you name isn't a participant of the Scheme
  • we can't properly identify the business or person (usually because we don't have enough detail in the allegation or report)
  • the information provided isn't relevant to the NDIA or the NDIS.

If we find evidence of criminal behaviour, we may take further steps. This means we may make a referral to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, to pursue criminal prosecutions.

We may also take civil action, including for the recovery of any financial losses.

If you have concerns, but you do not want to report them to NDIA, you may wish to report them to:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Australian Human Rights Commission

State and Territory contacts

collapsedAustralian Capital Territory (ACT)

collapsedNew South Wales (NSW)

collapsedNorthern Territory (NT)

collapsedQueensland (QLD)

collapsedSouth Australia (SA)

collapsedTasmania (TAS)

collapsedVictoria (VIC)

collapsedWestern Australia (WA) and the Indian Ocean Territories

If you have concerns that do not relate to activities within the NDIA, or the NDIS, you may wish to contact one of the Agencies below:


'SCAMwatch' is a website (external) run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that helps to recognise, avoid and report scams.

Suspected fraud against Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support

If you suspect someone may be committing fraud against Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support, you can report it to the Department of Human Services (external)  

Tax evasion

If you have information about someone you think may be deliberately evading tax, you can report it to the Australian Taxation Office (external)