Sector Development Fund

About the Sector Development Fund

The Sector Development Fund (SDF) was established to assist the disability sector (including people with disability, their families, carers and service providers) to transition to the new arrangements for disability support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The SDF aims to ensure that people with disability, the disability services sector and its workforce are assisted with the transition to the NDIS through:

  • building community capacity and engagement
  • increasing individual support capacity and development of new forms of support to meet the needs of people with disability
  • building disability sector capacity and service provider readiness to manage the transition
  • assistance with the required expansion and diversification of the workforce
  • building the evidence base.

The key performance indicators for the SDF are:

  • Increase the capacity of people with disability and their families to exercise choice and control, both in engaging with the NDIS, and in purchasing supports in an open market in order to realise their aspirations
  • Develop a market capable of providing the necessary supports required for full scheme
  • Increased mix of support options and innovative approaches to provision of support
  • Increase the disability services workforce, making it more diverse and better equipped to meet the needs to people with disability
  • Develop an evidence base to inform an insurance approach to disability support.

The SDF Strategy and Operational Guidelines provide information on the priorities for SDF and how it is managed. The SDF is managed by the Department of Social Services (DSS), which uses standard grant agreements. Funding will only be provided in accordance with an executed grant agreement. The terms and conditions of DSS’s grant agreements cannot be changed.

All SDF grants are managed in accordance with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines and will utilise the standard grants model of the DSS.

How to apply

SDF projects will be funded through grants selection processes. Available grants will be advertised on this website and on the DSS website. Information regarding the application and selection processes can be found in the SDF Strategy and Operational Guidelines.

All applications will be considered against the outcomes of the SDF as listed in the Strategy.

If you require further information on the Sector Development Fund, please send an email.

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