Sharing your NDIS plan with Providers

This page provides information about giving consent to share your NDIS Plan and/or your contact details with registered providers on the Provider Portal.

What are the benefits of sharing my NDIS Plan on the Provider Portal?

Sharing your NDIS Plan in full on the Provider Portal will enable all of your registered providers to have a better understanding of what you want to achieve and enable them to support you to achieve your goals and objectives. It also enables them to understand what you are doing with other people and organisations to achieve these goals and objectives

The Provider Portal is the secure government online service for registered providers to communicate with the NDIA for the provision of services and supports to NDIS participants, including billing.

If the NDIA manages the funds for your supports, your registered providers will already be able to use the Provider Portal to see a list of the funded supports they are registered to provide to you.

Sharing your plan in full on the Provider Portal means you don’t have to worry about telling your providers all of your goals and objectives, your informal, community or mainstream supports or the funded supports they are not registered to provide again or giving them copies of your plan if it changes.

What are the benefits of sharing my contact details on the Provider Portal?

You can consent to share some additional information with your providers via the Provider Portal. This will then ensure your providers have the most up to date details, which include:

  • your address
  • your contact details including your telephone number and email address
  • your preferred method of contact and correspondence, e.g. if you prefer to only be contacted by email.

Who can see my NDIS Plan and my contact details on the Provider Portal?

Not all of your provider’s staff will have access to the Provider Portal and those who do will have different reasons for using the Provider Portal depending on their role within the organisation (e.g. administration staff will need access to make claims for payment and view payment history).

The NDIS recommends to providers that only supervisors and shift managers of staff who will work most closely with you should have the access level of 'Case Worker' on the Portal. This is the only access level approved to see your NDIS Plan in full or your contact details if you give consent.

How do I give my consent?

If you decide that you want to give your consent to the NDIA to share your NDIS plan and/or your contact details on the Provider Portal, ask your local office for a consent form. You can also use this form to cancel your consent at any time.

When you consent, your most up to date plan will be available to ALL of your registered providers.

Please note that if you wish to share your plan in full to some but not all of your registered providers, you can do this yourself by downloading it from your Participant Portal or asking the NDIA for a copy. You will need to do this anytime your plan changes.

Providers are required to comply with the NDIA privacy policy.