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All Australians need a safe, secure and affordable place to live. A good life starts with a decent home, but we know that people with disability face particular challenges in getting access to suitable housing.

The NDIA wants to encourage innovation in housing, attract new suppliers into the housing market and promote real choice and control for NDIS participants around where they live and whom they live with.

Melbourne: NDIS Housing Showcase, 31 May 2016

NDIA recently held the second NDIS Housing Showcase event at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Tuesday 31 May 2016.

The showcase demonstrated and discussed different models of housing and support for people with disability, presented by not for profits, parent cooperatives, housing providers and support providers.

The event was opened with speeches from NDIA Board Chair Bruce Bonyhady, Age and Gabrielle Williams MP, Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers and NDIA Board Member and Principal Member of NDIA's Independent Advisory Council, Professor Rhonda Galbally AO.

Over 800 attendees heard about some of the country's most innovative housing projects.

The material on this website is for general education and information, and is intended as a guide only. Information and links below are provided by the organisations identified and not associated with the NDIA or NDIS.

Project Independence (ACT), Glenn Keys

Project Independence is a social housing development for people with an intellectual disability. It represents a new model of home ownership. The project provides people with an intellectual disability the opportunity to acquire equity in a property, as well as the ability to live as independently as possible. The new social housing model is based on up to ten residents living in three separate homes, with accommodation for a live in Resident Coordinator to support residents.

Visit the Project Independence website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Glenn Keys’ presentation (DOCX 25KB)

PaRA Co-op (NSW), Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony is Chairman of Giant Steps, an organisation based in Sydney which provides a range of services for children and young people with autism, and their families.

Steve and two other families have set up a parent-run cooperative to manage a house where Steve’s son and two other people are living. The members of the Cooperative are the six parents of the residents and three long-standing staff.

The Cooperative has been set up as a Public Benevolent Institution and the staff are employed through Giant Steps. Steve Anthony believes that the fact that the parents all know each other well and trust each other and their sons are friends is an essential condition for this model to work.

Visit the Giant Steps website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Steve Anthony's presentation (DOCX 25KB)

Scope Victoria, Nicole Coulthard

In the redevelopment of a large institutional site, Scope is taking the opportunity to engage people with disabilities in a process of co-design – of their new homes and their new lives. This presentation will focus on how we are supporting people with complex disabilities to re-imagine their life at home and in the surrounding community.

Visit the Scope Victoria website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Nicole Coulthard’s presentation (DOCX 25KB)

Steps Group Australia (QLD) – Pathways campus project, Stuart Coward

The Pathways Campus Project will develop a facility and training programme that will provide people with disability the skills they need to live independently. Students of the programme will live while they learn in purpose built homes that simulate an independent living environment. During their stay, students will be provided with a safe and supportive environment where they will learn lifelong skills, at a pace best suited to their needs.

Visit the Steps website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Stuart Coward’s presentation (DOCX 25KB)

WA Individualised Services (WA), Su-Hsien Lee

WAiS is not a service provider, it is a small organisation based in WA that is passionate about working alongside and supporting people, families and service providers to influence, and promote the design and delivery of individualised, self-directed supports and services through providing information, advice and mentoring, developing resources, and delivering events and workshops.

Shared Living offers an individualised and tailored approach to match and support people as individuals, offering them the opportunity to share their lives, not just their home.

Visit the WA Individualised Services website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Su-Hsien Lee's presentation (DOCX 25KB)

Northern Support Services – Keyring model (VIC), Geraldine Fowler

Geraldine Fowler is Manager of Northern Support Service’s, KeyRing service, KeyRing locates and links together up to 7 people who all live in the same local area or surrounding suburbs. Some people live on their own whilst others may be sharing with a friend or partner. Every person in the KeyRing receives support from a Community Networker. This support person lives close by and knows the local area very well. The Community Networker visits every KeyRing member weekly as well as keeping in touch by telephone.

KeyRing members receive support to help manage housing and tenancy issues, such as paying rent and bills and organising maintenance. They also get assistance to access the community services they need and to get involved in their local community. In addition to these supports the Community Networker assists everybody in the KeyRing to get to know each other. This provides members the opportunity to make connections with one another and develop locally based friendships. Northern Support Services has 4 KeyRings operating in the northern metropolitan area of Melbourne.

Visit the Northern Support Services website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Geraldine Fowler’s presentation (DOCX KB)

Freedom Housing (VIC), Chris Ilopoulos

Freedom Housing facilitates whole-of-life 24/7 high care, for persons with disabilities who prefer to live in a private home with family members, friends, or housemates. This model is also able to provide 24/7 high care to any other member of the household, including the frail elderly. It is a privately owned [or leased], and privately managed model. Freedom Housing has been officially endorsed by the Department of Human Services (VIC). Freedom Housing fully complies with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Freedom Housing is the winner of the Australian Human Rights Commission Award for Business 2013.

Visit the Freedom Housing website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Chris Ilopoulos’ presentation (DOCX KB)

MIND – Oxford houses (VIC), Glen Prewett

Mind Oxford Houses are about providing opportunity for men and women seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs – an opportunity to establish a life free of addiction problems. The core philosophy of Oxford Houses is to provide a secure, supportive and affordable home environment in which residents can build the foundations of a lasting recovery. Residents in each house group are responsible and accountable for managing the affairs of their home within the Oxford Houses guidelines, strengthening individual recovery and sharing in the recovery of fellow residents.

Visit the MIND website (link is external)

Download the transcript from Glen Prewett’s presentation (DOCX KB)

Summer Foundation (VIC), Dr Di Winkler

Established in 2006, the key aim of the Summer Foundation is to change human service policy and practice related to young people in nursing homes. The Summer Foundation utilises a range of strategies to influence health, housing, aged care and disability service policy and practice related to this target group.

Their mission is to create, lead and demonstrate long-term sustainable changes that stop young people from being forced to live in nursing homes because there is nowhere else for them.

Visit the Summer Foundation website (link is external)

Download transcript from Di Winkler's presentation (DOCX KB)

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