Nathan is fighting fit

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Nathan plays around of golf with the aid of his prosthetic legs

At age 35, Nathan Maher was living a relatively healthy life, but in 2014 was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of meningitis.

Despite further health complications, that lead to having both his legs amputated below the knee. Nathan is now fighting fit and in his own words “back on track”.

“When I first heard about the NDIS I was still in hospital recovering from surgery, and saw it as a real opportunity for assistance, to try and regain control over my life.”

Engaging local NDIS partner Feros Care, who supported him to ensure his funding provided the right care and equipment.

Nathan received funding for home modifications, like ramps and handrails as well as new prosthetic legs and a wheelchair. He also has support workers assist in home with cleaning and other tasks. 

“In the past, a lot of tasks would fall to my elderly parents, but now that burden has been lifted.”

“Having these supports in place wasn’t just a physical relief for all of us, but a psychological one!”

While Nathan had been doing infrequent physical rehabilitation in the past, he now is able to maintain regular and consistent support including physiotherapy and personal training, which has dramatically improved his strength and physical capabilities, making daily tasks much easier.

“Fourteen months on, and I am once again in control of my life, with the freedom and independence that 18 months ago, I thought unobtainable.”

Nathan is now more engaged in his community, working on a local golf program and clinics for young people, and competing in several marathons in a race wheelchair.

“I really enjoy anything that physically challenges me and pushes me to my limits, I’m still learning what I’m physically capable of and love the journey of self-discovery.

“I have been written off countless times, from the day I was placed in a coma and my family being told I would not live the night, to being told I would never stand again, let alone walk.

“Now I can stand as living proof that through hard work and determination, a quality that all people with disabilities share, we can achieve our dreams.”

“Without the support of the NDIS, none of this would be possible.”