Disability-related Health Supports Operational Guideline - What won't the NDIS fund

6. What won’t the NDIS fund?

NDIS will not fund other health supports that are:

  • not directly related to the participant’s functional impairment,
  • not required on an ongoing basis (i.e. are time limited: non-ongoing),
  • acute services,
  • post-acute services,
  • the diagnosis and clinical treatment of health conditions, 
  • diagnostic; and/or
  • palliative*.

These supports are more appropriately provided through other health service systems.

Some NDIS supports may be provided to participants at the same time as they are accessing the mainstream health systems. These are known as concurrent supports. For example, during a NDIS participant’s admission to hospital, there are limited NDIS funded supports that the participant may continue to receive including assistive technology, support coordination and specific communication supports where these are provided for in the participant’s NDIS plan. 

*Where a NDIS participant has a palliative care plan in place and is not hospitalised, the NDIS will fund supports required as a direct result of the disability where the support assists the participant to undertake activities of daily living. These supports may be provided at the same time as palliative care supports. The NDIS is, however, not responsible for palliative care. Palliative care is provided by the health system.

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24 September 2019
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