People with disability

Photo of people communicating in sign language.

If you are a person with disability and you meet the access requirements you can become a participant in the scheme. See the Participants page for more information. If you do not meet the access requirements, and you live in a launch site, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) may be able to provide you with information about other supports that could be of benefit to you and assist in referral to these. 

The NDIA is also working with local communities to improve inclusion of people with disability and build awareness of disability. We also aim to foster innovation, research and best practice to better support people with disability.

In February and March 2015, the Department of Social Services is seeking feedback on the Linkages and Capacity Building Policy Framework (the new name for “Tier 2” of the NDIS), which will contribute to the sustainability of the NDIS by building the capacity of the community, people with disability, their families and carers, and greater community inclusion.

Everyone's needs, preferences and aspirations are different. The NDIS provides information and referrals, support to access community services and activities, personal plans and supports over a lifetime

The National Disability Insurance Agency provides information and referral to existing mainstream and community services

Access and inclusion of people with disability to mainstream services, community based activities and other government initiatives

If you're not in a trial site area, you can still engage with existing government disability services

Learn your rights when buying disability-related products and services, protect yourself against potential scams and more

Documents for the community, providers and people with disability

Examples of the ways the NDIS can help people with disability, their families and carers

The Sector Development Fund helps people with disability, families and carers, service providers, and the disability workforce to transition to the NDIS