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South Australian transition update – May 2018

As the transition to the NDIS in South Australia nears completion, the NDIA would like to provide an update on the transition.

As at 31 December 2017, more than 15,000 participants had approved plans in South Australia.

However, due to a number of factors including the challenge of identifying appropriate Partners in the Community to support planning outcomes at the required pace, the transition of State clients will take longer than originally scheduled.

Read the full update on South Australia’s transition.


The NDIS is now available in South Australia. To find out more go to Accessing the NDIS, or visit your nearest partner or NDIS office.

South Australia statistics as at 30 June 2018

  • 18,565 people in South Australia benefiting from the NDIS
  • 18,460 participants with an approved plan 
  • 105 children supported through the ECEI gateway 
  • 14% growth in the number of participants this quarter

NDIS in Adelaide – map

Map of metropolitan Adelaide

collapsedEastern Adelaide

collapsedNorthern Adelaide

collapsedSouthern Adelaide

collapsedWestern Adelaide

collapsedAdelaide Hills

collapsedBarossa Light and Lower North

collapsedFleurieu and Kangaroo Island

NDIS in regional South Australia – map

Roll out of the NDIS in regional South Australia – interactive map

collapsedEyre Western

collapsedFar North

collapsedLimestone Coast

collapsedMurray and Mallee

collapsedYorke and Mid North

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) in SA

The Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach is available to all children aged 0-6 with a developmental delay or disability.

An ECEI Coordinator working for one of our Partners in the Community (partners) will be your main contact point for the NDIS and can help you understand and access the most appropriate supports for your child. 

In South Australia the partner delivering ECEI services is:

The ECEI partner role is currently transitioning from the Government of South Australia, Department of Human Services (SA DHS) to an employee-owned public service mutual, owned and operated by the same experienced staff currently providing ECEI partner services. 

A public service mutual is an organisation where staff are directly involved in the decision-making and can use their experience and expertise to deliver services to our community.  

What does this mean for me?

The staff who are forming the public service mutual have been delivering ECEI services through Child and Youth Services DHS. These staff are experienced in delivering Early Childhood supports, and will continue to support you throughout the transition. If you are currently accessing ECEI services for your child, we will keep you informed on any changes that might affect you. If you have any questions you can contact SA DHS 1800 931 190 or your local NDIA office.

To find your nearest partner office please visit our Locations page.

Local Area Coordination in SA

For most people aged seven and above, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) working for one of our Partners in the Community (Partners) will be your main contact point for the NDIS.

In SA, the partners delivering LAC services are: 

  • Feros Care (external) - in the Barossa, Light & Lower North, and Northern Adelaide Service Areas.
  • Baptcare (external) – in the Western Adelaide, Eastern Adelaide and, Yorke and Mid North Service Areas.
  • Mission Australia (external) - in the Limestone Coast, Murray and Mallee, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island, Southern Adelaide and, Eyre Western and Far North Service Areas.

One of our NSW Partners, Uniting NSW/ACT (external), are temporarily sending a small team of Local Area Coordinators to SA to work alongside the local NDIA office and the SA partners to help with the delivery of LAC services. Uniting NSW/ACT staff will be using NDIS co-branded materials and badges to ensure they are easily identifiable as LACs.

To find your nearest partner office visit Our Locations page.

If you are interested in working as a LAC in SA you can find details about available positions by visiting our Partners website recruitment pages:

Feros Care Careers (external)
Baptcare Careers (external)
Mission Australia Careers (external)

Areas where partners do not deliver ECEI or LAC services

Some areas of SA do not have partners. If you live in one of these areas, someone from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will work with you to connect you to the NDIS or to supports in your community. 

To find your nearest NDIA office go to Our Locations page.


We run regular workshops and open house sessions where you can come and learn about the NDIS and ask us questions.

Go to our South Australia event page to book your place at one of our upcoming sessions.

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