Update on NDIS portal

There are a series of updates and instructions below to assist participants working with the myplace portal.

We want to stress that no participant should go without a service, or a provider face financial stress for services they have provided to participants, and to contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 if these circumstances arise (Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm local time).

We thank you for your support as we work in partnership to deliver the NDIS.

Outstanding Payment Requests

The Agency is seeking the co-operation of self-managed participants to now upload outstanding Payment Requests in the portal. If a participant received an advanced payment, please do not submit a Payment Request for these services, the Agency will manage the reconciliation of these payments on the participant's behalf.

If self-managed participants need support using the new portal there are resources available on the participant section of the website and you can call 1800 800 110 (Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm local time).

Acquittal against advance payments made

The Agency has now commenced a process to acquit advance payments. This process will be invisible for some of you, as the Agency has been working in the background to acquit advance payments.

In order to successfully acquit advance payments, where the Agency requires additional information, you will receive a phone call seeking this information. We will reach out to you to collect the information needed or to seek clarification on information provided with your advance payment request.

It is important to reiterate - please do not resubmit Payment Requests for services you received the advanced payment for. The Agency will process these for you.

We understand that in some situations, new Payment Requests that you have submitted are saying 'payment approved but pending' - this is where the advance payment is greater than the sum of the new invoices claimed. In other situations, you are receiving an amount less than the Payment Request you have submitted, as this is being offset against the advance payment you previously received. We are working through these issues on a case by case basis, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

If you have any questions about this process or are experiencing financial stress you should call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 (Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm local time).

Plan reviews - continuity of support

We know that some plan reviews are due soon. To ensure continuity of services and payment during this time the Agency will extend expiring plans, including the value of the plan. This will ensure services are continued and Payment Requests can continue to be processed.

If your circumstances have materially changed, please get in touch with your local Regional Office for a plan review.

Providers claiming against self-managed participants

Only self-managed participants can submit their own Payment Requests in myplace.

If a provider has taken on a participant that was previously self-managed, the participant will need to approve this in the portal before a provider can submit a Payment Request on their behalf.

Approval of provider claims on behalf of participant

Participants are generally required to approve Service Bookings created by providers for them. This is necessary for the providers' Payment Requests against the Service Booking to be paid.

However, providers can approve the Service Booking on the participant's behalf if this has been discussed with the participant and agreed. There is a tick box included in the process to create a Service Booking which can be selected to indicate the provider is approving the Service Booking on the participant's behalf. Providers are encouraged to do this where appropriate.

myplace hints and tips


  • Internet Browser Issues

    Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox are the most compatible with the myplace portals. Download these browsers so you can use all the functionality of myplace.
  • Understanding a Service Agreement and Service Bookings

    A Service Agreement is an agreement between a participant and a provider (usually written), it sets out the expectations for what types of services will be delivered. They do not appear in the myplace portal.

    Service Bookings are used to reserve plan budget for products or services to be delivered by a provider, and are required so a provider can request payment in the myplace portal. Service Bookings are like a request for a service.

  • Change in terminology from claims to Payment Requests

    With the introduction of the myplace portal there has been a change in the terminology we use. In the development of the portals consultation was undertaken and the term Payment Request was preferred as it is in plain English and describes the action performed in the process.

  • Plan information

    Participants should check their plan and Service Booking information and contact their local NDIS office if information looks incorrect. The Agency will then update the information on your behalf.

If you are a person with disability who wishes to participate in the NDIS, you must first be assessed against the access requirements.

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