First Nations Strategy

Partnership with First Peoples Disability Network

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is partnering with the First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN) to co-design a new First Nations Strategy and action plan.

FPDN is a national organisation of and for First Peoples with disability, their families and communities. 

We will work together to make sure the strategy is:

  • culturally appropriate
  • supports self-determination
  • meaningful and measurable
  • reflects the goals and hopes of First Nations people with disability.

We are committed to working with First Nations people and communities. We want to make sure they feel heard and can meaningfully contribute to improving the NDIS. 

Together with FPDN, we have established a First Nations Advisory Council.

The First Nations Advisory Council will help us make decisions about how we improve the NDIS in the short term.

The First Nations Advisory Council will also work with us to support the co-design of the First Nations Strategy.

First Nations Advisory Council members are First Nations people with lived experience of disability, as well as community, peak body and sector representatives, who understand the issues and challenges their communities face.

The members will help us to develop the right goals and actions in the strategy. We will share information about the council members and the communities they represent.

Co-designing a new First Nations Strategy

The NDIA is co-designing a new First Nations Strategy and action plan that reflects the priority issues and opportunities to achieve outcomes for First Nations people with disability on an equal basis with the broader population.

In 2021, we committed to co-designing the new First Nations Strategy with participants, the broader First Nations disability community, families, and carers. The co-design approach is inclusive of First Nations communities, to ensure their voices, and those of their families and communities are heard and reflected in our processes, goals and actions.

We will ensure the strategy is aligned with the objectives and key priority reforms under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, which seeks to enable First Nations Australians and governments to work together to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The approach to co-designing the new strategy involves 4 key phases:  

  1. Prepare – confirm governance and plan co-design and engagement approach for development of strategy. The strategy is currently in this phase. 
  2. Discover – broad consultation and co-design process with First Nations disability community.
  3. Develop – co-design strategy as informed by First Nations disability community. 
  4. Deliver and evaluate – develop strategy and action plan, and confirm implementation, monitoring and evaluation approach. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy

Drawing upon the existing strengths and features of rural and remote communities, along with engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are key components of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy.

The strategy focuses on enabling quality engagement, service delivery and leadership to ensure the successful delivery of the NDIS in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

We developed the strategy, drawing on the knowledge and experience of the NDIS trial sites and the expertise of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group and associated working groups.

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