Enhanced Practice Leader - Possability

Project overview

Possability is trialling the use of an Enhanced Practice Leader role within supported independent living environments to improve the implementation and integration of Positive Behaviour Support Plans for participants with complex support needs.

The Enhanced Practice Leader provides supervision, real-time practice coaching and specialist advice to staff working within participants’ homes.

This model ensures supports are delivered and implemented in line with the participant’s individual goals and their Positive Behaviour Support Plans while also considering the ecological supports required within each home to ensure the best outcomes for all residents.

This model aims to provide better consistency and greater stability within the home for both participants and staff.

Provider story

Supported independent living provider Possability works with participants with complex needs.

Possability recognised the need for a highly skilled workforce to deal with a sometimes-challenging workplace.

They introduced the role of Enhanced Practice Leader.

The leader has a higher level of skills and training and takes on the day-to-day support management for participants as well as ongoing training and mentoring for staff.

They are on site every day and oversee staff to implement behaviour support plans in a consistent way. They also coordinate appointments for the participant.
Possability has found the new Enhance Practice Leaders bring more stability, skill development and community access for participants.
‘We take a longer-term view and give more intense support up front,’ says Cathy. ‘By focusing on the participant’s skill development, over time their need for supports should decline.’

Project Lead, Kathleen Connolly also reports better staff retention since the introduction.

‘If staff feel supported working with people with complex needs, and have the skills needed, they will stay,’ says Kathleen.
Possability’s project has created stable staffing that encourages participants as well as staff’s skill building.

As staff are more confident and can access quick support from the Enhanced Practice Leader, they respond better to participants’ changing needs.

Quick coordination also means participants in the project have been accessing medical appointments quicker when needed.