Important deadlines for Victorian, Tasmanian and ACT providers

From 1 March 2019, the Victorian, Tasmanian and ACT governments have advised they will no longer assess the following registration groups against their quality and safeguard standards:

  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Personal Activities High
  • Behaviour Support
  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • Development-Life Skills
  • Group/Centre Activities
  • Participate Community
  • Plan Management
  • Support Coordination
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Therapeutic Supports (Tasmania and ACT providers only)
  • Accommodation / Tenancy (ACT providers only)
  • Assist Access/Maintain Employment (ACT Providers only)
  • Specialised Supported Employment (ACT providers only)

Providers wishing to apply for these registration groups in Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT must begin the process with their relevant state or territory government before 1 March 2019.

The NDIA will continue to receive all new registration group applications for providers in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, ACT and the NT until 30 June 2019 through the myplace provider portal. However, providers need to be aware that the above listed registration groups also require approval by state governments, in accordance with their respective quality and safeguard standards, before the NDIA is able to finalise the registration request. 

Visit this page for information about progressing registration requests requiring assessment against state government quality and safeguard standards.