Resignation of NDIA CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), Mr Robert De Luca, today informed the NDIA Board of his intention to resign from his role, effective immediately. Ms Vicki Rundle, the Deputy CEO Government, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement has been appointed as Acting CEO.

Mr De Luca will become CEO of Zenitas Healthcare, a community health organisation, which has recently been acquired by the private equity firm of Adamantern Capital Management and Liverpool Partners.

The Board of the NDIA said: “It is with regret that we have accepted Mr De Luca’s resignation. Rob has been an inspiring leader who has attracted and built a highly capable executive team, which has underpinned a tripling of the number of participants as the Scheme has rolled out”.

Mr De Luca said: “It has been a privilege to serve participants and to progress this important Scheme of huge national significance. I have great confidence in the future of the Scheme.”

The NDIA Board will immediately launch a comprehensive search to identify the next NDIA CEO.