Changes to the participant budget display

From Monday 27 May, you will notice improvements to the way your NDIS budget is displayed in the participant myplace portal. These changes will give you greater choice and control with your plan and improve your online experience.

Based off valuable participant feedback and sessions, you will:

  • be able to see your plan start date and scheduled review date
  • see what funds have been approved and spent in your plan for each support category
  • have the option to view your funding in three formats:
    • a table, showing all the details of your support categories and all funding amounts
    • a quick glance pie chart, summarising what percentage of your plan has been spent, allocated and still available
    • a support category funding breakdown bar, allowing you to quickly view each support category and what has been spent, allocated and still available
  • Useful help text to guide you through the support budget screen

Self-Managed Supports Budget Display

Self-managed support funding will now appear in the revised budget display table within the myplace portal. Previously when participants clicked on the self-managed tab a budget display table would appear including a column titled ‘Funds Remaining’. The recent updates now displays additional columns titled ‘Allocated Funds’ and ‘Available Funds’. “Available Funds” will be shown as $0.00.

The overall budget remaining for self-managed participants is displayed in the ‘Allocated Funds’ column.

Once a payment request is made for self-managed supports:

  • the amount in ‘Spent Funds’ is increased by the payment request value,
  • the amount in ‘Allocated Funds’ is reduced by that dollar value, and
  • the amount in ‘Available Funds’ remains the same as $0.00.

This is a feature of the system which will continue to operate as it always has by treating self-managed supports as “allocated” to the participant for claiming expenses and not “available” to anyone else. That is, only the participant can raise a payment request to draw on these funds from the allocated column.

These changes have been made in partnership with participants. The enhancements are a part of the NDIA’s commitment to delivering a high-quality Scheme, and improving the online experience for participants.

We value your feedback, and would like to hear what you think about the new budget display improvements. Please email the NDIA to share your feedback with us.