NDIS powers towards 9000 plans: Latest quarterly report

Almost 9000 people with disability have individualised National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support plans, the scheme’s latest quarterly data shows.

The “Report on the sustainability of the scheme”, released today, is the first report to include data from the three new trial sites ACT, Barkly (NT) and Perth Hills (WA) alongside the existing four sites.

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) chairman Bruce Bonyhady said the scheme was on time, on budget and progressing well.

“About 8880 people have individualised NDIS plans in place, with committed support totalling more than $395.3 million,” Mr Bonyhady said.

“In the new trial sites, more than 380 people have been able to access the NDIS and many now have plans in place pleasing progress given these sites are three months old,” he said.

“These plans are the key to people living more independent lives, engaging with their community, enrolling in education, entering the workforce for the first time or returning to work, and receiving the services and equipment they need.”

Key findings of the report include:

  • Participant satisfaction remains very high at 1.67 on a scale of -2 (very poor) to +2 (very good).
  • 10,939 people have been found eligible for the NDIS, with 8880 having approved individualised support plans in place by the end of September.
  • More than $395.3 million has been committed to these participants.
  • The average package cost in the first year of the scheme is $35,207, below the funding expectation of $36,750.*

Mr Bonyhady said the NDIA is committed to continual improvement and its learn-build-learn-build approach was essential in creating the best NDIS possible.

“Current work includes establishing expert groups in autism and sensory disability, developing the Agency’s mental health work plan, and supporting remote Indigenous organisations in providing their local knowledge and expertise to help the NDIS rollout in their area,” he said.

“This is in addition to incorporating the feedback, ideas and suggestions we receive on a daily basis from people with disability and their families.

“Together we are building vital social and economic reform for current and future generations.”

NDIA media contact: 0477 703 960 or [email protected]

* Average cost excludes Stockton, a large group home in the Hunter that is temporarily distorting the numbers. The expected cost is for 2014-15 and is based on the average expected cost of $35,000 in 2013-14 plus an adjustment for inflation.