Clarification on assistance technology support under $5,000

From October 2019, a new option for the funding and supply of nominated AT supports between $1,500 to $5,000 was introduced. 

This funding option is limited to nine new general AT items and will only be funded if itemised as a reasonable and necessary item within a participant’s NDIS plan. 

Some assistive technology supports are relatively standard. With appropriate advice by an AT assessor, participants can now purchase items where they have one of the following nine support items in their plan, without the need for agency review:

  • Assistive Products And Accessories Relating To Prosthetics And Orthotics (05_060000111_0135_1_2)
  • Assistive Products And Accessories For Personal Care, Hygiene, Beds (05_090000111_0103_1_2)
  • Assistive Products Relating To Vehicles And Transport Safety (05_121200111_0109_1_2)
  • Assistive Products And Accessories Relating To Personal Mobility Or Transfer (05_129000111_0105_1_2)
  • Assistive Products And Accessories Relating To Participating In Household Tasks (05_150000111_0123_1_2)
  • Assistive Products And Accessories Relating To Home Modification And Access (05_180000111_0111_1_2)
  • Assistive Products And Accessories Supporting Comms And Information Needs (05_220000111_0124_1_2)
  • Assistive Products Relating To Vision (05_220300111_0113_1_2)
  • Assistive Products Relating To Recreation And Sport (05_300000111_0112_1_2).

Your planner will discuss when you would need to provide an AT assessment and quote to the NDIA for review before an AT support can be included in your plan.

Participants are encouraged to obtain written assessment advice before proceeding to buy or source AT, which may prove helpful in the case of damaged, faulty or incorrectly prescribed AT needing to be returned under Australian Consumer Law. 

Assessment advice does not need to be provided to the NDIA however, we recommend keeping a copy of the advice for future reference.

The current arrangements for low-cost AT (with funds in Consumable budget) remain with no changes. Further information about low cost AT. 

AT items that are not covered within the above funding ranges are likely to require an assessment and a single quote before they will be included in a participant’s plan.

For more information please call 1800 800 110 or email: [email protected]