Improved Supported Independent Living pack for providers

The Supported Independent Living (SIL) Pack and SIL Quoting Tool have been updated so providers can submit their quotes quickly, easily and accurately.

The new pack has been re-designed in consultation with more than 100 providers and incorporates feedback collected over the last 12 months.

The improved design and functionality in the new SIL tool includes:

  • automation
  • the capacity to add yearly indexation
  • inbuilt checks that alert a provider to incomplete, duplicate or incorrect information
  • greater transparency and insight
  • a section where providers can input hourly rates and the tool will calculate the costing of the quote.

The improved Provider SIL Pack contains templates and tools to support the SIL process, including the following:

  • SIL Quoting Template – for use when submitting a quote to NDIA
  • Provider SIL Tool – an automated Excel spreadsheet that allows providers to accurately quote on a participant's support needs
  • Provider SIL Tool Examples – a sample SIL quote that shows providers how a SIL quote should be developed, prior to submitting to NDIA
  • Guide to using the Provider SIL Pack – information to help providers use the tool and answer any questions they might have
  • Subsequent SIL Quote Template – enables providers to re-submit the same quote as the previous year, when a participant's circumstances are unchanged.