Appointment extension for Mr David Bowen, NDIA Chief Executive Officer

The Chairman of the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), Dr Helen Nugent AO, has announced the reappointment of the NDIA's Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Bowen, for a period of up to six months from 9 May 2017.

Mr Bowen's short-term reappointment reflects Mr Bowen's long-held desire to retire at the end of his current term, at the same time as ensuring an orderly succession.

"The Board thanks Mr Bowen for his excellent stewardship of the NDIA during its critical inception years, from the trials to the critical first year of the transition to full scheme" Dr Nugent stated.

"Mr Bowen has been instrumental not only in establishing the NDIA, but also in ensuring the National Disability Insurance Scheme offers the best possible supports and services to its participants to truly change their lives for the better".

Dr Nugent noted: "Mr Bowen is deeply committed to the NDIS and he intends to contribute to it in other ways after he retires."

She also stated "I have truly appreciated Mr Bowen's support to me as the new Chairman of a refreshed Board and his knowledge of both the NDIA and the broader disability sector".

"Mr Bowen is passionate about the NDIS's success and committed to building the momentum of the Scheme while we undertake a full merit- based national selection process for a new CEO," said Dr Nugent.

The CEO position will be advertised in the national media and APSjobs website in the near future.