Q and A - 6 August 2018

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How can my plan be managed?

There are four ways to manage your plan:

  1. Registered Plan Management Provider (Plan-managed) - When you are plan-managed the NDIS will pay your Plan Manager, who will directly pay for all supports you have asked them to manage. Being plan-managed allows you to choose any provider, whether they are registered with the NDIS or not.
  2. Self-manage – You can manage your NDIS plan yourself (Self-managed), this means the NDIS will pay you directly for the supports you claim under your plan's budgets. Being self-managed allows you to choose any provider, whether they are registered with the NDIS or not. Find out more about how self-managing your plan works in our guide to self management.
  3. Agency-managed budgets - When the NDIA manages your plan, the NDIS will directly pay your support providers for you. You must choose registered NDIS providers if the NDIA manages your plan.
  4. A combination of the above three options can be used together. No matter which option you choose, you remain in control of which support providers you ultimately choose and engage.

For further information about managing supports in your plan, including making service bookings and using the myplace Participant Portal, visit the participants section on the NDIS website.

Can I access non-registered providers when I’m plan managed?

When you are plan managed you can access both registered and non-registered providers. As your provider invoices your plan manager, and not the NDIA, they do not have to be registered with the NDIA. Whilst your provider of supports may not be registered, your Plan Manager cannot pay invoices that are above the NDIS maximum prices for the supports and services listed in the Price Guide. For more information on the price controls for NDIS services visit the Pricing and Payments section on the NDIS website.

What is the role of a Plan Manager?

Your Plan Manager gives you increased choice and control over plan implementation and utilisation through the benefit of their plan financial assistance. Your providers, who can be both registered and non-registered, submit invoices to your Plan Manager who will submit a claim to the NDIA and pay providers on your behalf.

Your plan manager will also assist you by monitoring your plan budgets to ensure you are on track with your plan spending. Plan Managers will maintain all records for provider claims and will be able to give you statements and reports so you can track spending.

How do I become plan managed?

When you are meeting with your Planner, LAC, or ECEI partner to develop your plan they will discuss with you the plan management options and ask how you want your plan funding to be managed. They will help you to understand the plan management options and how your choice will guide the direction and management of your plan. At this meeting you will be able to request that part, or all of your plan be plan managed.

Is there any cost to have my plan managed by a Plan Manager?

If you ask for your plan to be managed by a Plan Manager, your plan will include funds to cover the costs of having a plan manager. These funds will be included in the Capacity Building ‘Improved Life Choices’ budget in your plan and separate from other funded supports.

Is a Plan Manager the same as a Support Coordinator?

Whilst they both help you with managing and implementing your NDIS plan, Plan Managers have a very different role to Support Coordinators. Support Coordination is a capacity building support funded in your plan to help you design and implement the supports in your plan so you can live a better life. As your confidence and capacity to implement your plan increases, funding for Support Coordination may decrease. Whilst a Support Coordinator is helping you to implement your plan and helping you to connect to providers, your Plan Manager’s role is to manage and monitor your plan funding and submit claims to the NDIA on behalf of your providers.

What are financial capacity building supports, are they different to Plan Management?

Financial capacity building supports are a reasonable and necessary support that can be included in a participants plan to strengthen your ability to undertake tasks associated with managing your supports. These capacity building supports can assist you to develop your skills for self-management in future plans, where this is possible.

How can I become a Plan Management provider?

Further information on the registration requirements and steps to become a registered Plan Management provider are available in the 'How to register' section.