Improved NDIS participant consent forms now online

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The NDIA has made it easier to access participant consent forms. You can now download them from the Consent forms page.

The improved forms cover different types of consent. This makes clear what consent the participant wants to provide.

Participants and prospective participants can submit one or both forms, depending on what want type of consent they want to give to the NDIA.

Consent for the NDIA to Share Your Information form

Complete this form if you want to share information about your plan or access request with another person or organisation. For example, consent for your NDIS representative to discuss your plan with a family member and explain how you can use your funding.

Consent for a Third Party to Act on Behalf of a Participant form

Also complete this form if you want someone to act for you to complete specific tasks related to your NDIS plan. You can specify who can do this, for what specific purpose, and for a set period of time. For example, consent for a family member to make a service agreement and bookings with a support provider, for the duration of your current plan.

Participants and prospective participants can change their consent at any time by calling 1800 800 110.

For more information about how to use and submit these forms, see the Access to Information page.

You can also request copies of the forms to be sent to you by contacting your local NDIA or Partner office.