Using myGov to update your contact details

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Participants can now update their contact details in one place.

If you have a myplace portal account, you can now update your myplace contact details in myGov. To do this, your myGov account must be linked to your Medicare, Centrelink, or Australian Tax Office (ATO) service.

If your myGov account is linked to one of these services, the NDIS will be listed on the ‘Update your details’ page in myGov. Any updates you make in myGov will show up in your myplace portal account and your other linked services.

If you don’t have your Medicare, Centrelink or ATO service linked to your myGov account, you can still update your contact details in the myplace portal. Updates made in myplace will not appear in your myGov account or any other linked services. 

Getting a myplace account

You need a myGov account before you can create a myplace account. 

If you would like information about getting a myGov account, or linking a service, please visit the myGov page on the Services Australia website .