Q and A - 2 July 2018

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What is a Nominee?

A nominee is a person who is appointed in writing, at the request of a participant, or on the initiative of the NDIA, to act on behalf of, or make decisions on behalf of a participant for the purposes of the NDIS Act. Nominees play an important role in the NDIS to represent the interest of the participant. Most participants of the NDIS will not require a nominee. The NDIS focusses on supporting and building the capacity of participants to make their own decisions whilst acknowledging the role that families, carers or significant others play.

Can I provide limited access to my nominee to act on my behalf?

Two types of nominees can be appointed under the NDIS Act, these are a plan nominee and a correspondence nominee. There are limitations to the role of plan nominee which is explained under the heading below.

What is a plan nominee?

A plan nominee is able to make decisions on behalf of the participant, for the purposes of, the NDIS Act that relates to the preparation, review or replacement of the participant's plan and/or, the management of the funding for supports under the participant's plan.

What is a correspondence nominee?

The role of a correspondence nominee is narrower than the role of a plan nominee. A correspondence nominee can receive letters and notifications from the NDIA and/or make requests for information to the NDIA on behalf of the participant.

How do I appoint a nominee to act on my behalf?

For the NDIS to appoint a nominee, the NDIA needs to be satisfied the participant requires a nominee. We will take into consideration the wishes (if any) of the participant regarding the making of the appointment including written consent (in most cases) and provide a copy of the letter for the appointment of the nominee to the nominee and the participant. To request a nominee appointment you should speak with your local area coordinator or contact your local NDIA office and they can discuss this with you and obtain any relevant information.

For more information on all the questions above, visit the Operational Guidelines' Nominees section on the NDIS website