New Early Childhood provider report form available

The NDIA has developed a new resource to help Early Childhood providers to write reports for us about the progress of child participants aged under seven years. 

The Early Childhood provider report form (DOCX 96KB) guides providers to write reports for the plan review process.  

We require reports ahead of a participant’s plan review. The new form outlines the information needed by the NDIA, such as:

  • what services were provided, and by whom
  • a progress update including outcomes achieved, 
  • and future recommendations.

Use of the new report form is highly recommended, but voluntary.

By using the form:

  • families/carers will get a record of supports they have received from providers, and the outcomes achieved for their child and family in the one report
  • gathering information for the plan reviews is easier for families and providers because it is clear what information should be reported
  • participants receive reasonable and necessary supports and services, because the Agency has information about the child and family goals, progress and needs.

The Early Childhood provider report form is available on the Reporting and participant plan reviews and Reviewing your plan and goals pages. 

We encourage families of participants to discuss the use of the form with their providers.

If a participant has more than one provider, we encourage providers to collaborate to submit one report for each participant. This approach aligns to the National Guidelines ECIA Best Practice Principles in Early Childhood Intervention

The NDIA requires providers to report prior to a plan review. We expect that the family and providers negotiate report writing costs at the time of signing a service agreement. The new form is designed to streamline the reporting process.

Online forums for providers

The NDIA is hosting a series of online forums for providers. The forums will explain how to use the new form and enable providers to ask questions. The forums run from 15 September 2020 and you can register on the Events page.