Improving outcomes for participants who require Supported Independent Living (SIL): Provider and Sector consultation

The NDIA has released a new consultation paper to seek provider feedback on proposed short-term improvements to Supported Independent Living (SIL).

The consultation paper and process, which is open until 19 October, will help address administrative and cost challenges to SIL, while making the first of many steps to create a greater focus on participant choice and control.

The NDIA invites registered and non-registered providers, support coordinators and industry representatives to make a submission. Anyone else with an interest in SIL, including participants receiving SIL supports and their families, can submit a response to the paper, which is also available in Easy Read. 

Addressing SIL challenges

Although SIL helps many participants meet their goals of living a more independent life, giving participants choice and control over their SIL supports remains difficult. 

We have proposed a solution to this problem, which explores how operational activities and billing arrangements can be improved. The aim is to build a transparent, simpler, and structured process that will see funding consistently distributed based on participant need whilst ensuring equity and NDIS sustainability.

We would like to understand what providers, and participants who receive SIL supports, their families and carers think of the solution proposed in the paper. 

Download the consultation paper

Submissions close on Monday 10:00am AEST 19 October 2020. 

Participant Survey

This consultation is another step in a much bigger piece of work the NDIA is doing to improve the home and living supports available for NDIS participants. We are committed to improving choice and control for participants. We also want to be more transparent about the way we make decisions about SIL. 

A second consultation paper will address our long-term vision for home and living options offered under the NDIS, which will include proposals to strengthen support for participants to make decisions independently. This will be released in early 2021.

In the meantime, we are running a short survey to hear about your experience and find out what you think about SIL. We want to know about what you would like to change about SIL (such as how our Roster of Care works) and any other comments you think might be useful for the NDIA to know.

Complete the survey

For more information, please email: [email protected] or call or text us on 0436 649 469 or 0436 626 168.

This survey is completely optional for SIL participants and their families. All responses will be kept anonymous, and will not have any direct impact to NDIS plans.