NDIS myplace provider portal change - service booking budget alert

The NDIA is rolling back an update to the myplace provider portal, made 19 September 2020.

The update changed a service booking alert message. It removed the available budget amount from the alert, only letting the provider know the amount they entered was more than available.

This made it difficult for some providers to set up new service bookings for new plans or where a participant may be starting with a new provider.

To make sure providers can support participants, the service booking alert message will be rolled back before 8:00 am (AEST) 24 September 2020.

The update was an intentional change to prevent possible fraud.

This roll back is only temporary. 

The NDIA takes potential fraud very seriously. We will make this a permanent change after working with participants, providers and other stakeholders on a long term solution.

If you suspect someone may be committing fraud against the NDIS you should report it. What you have noticed may not be fraud, but we are still interested.

The best way to report suspected fraud is to call the NDIS fraud reporting and scams helpline on 1800 650 717.