NDIA Contact Centre

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has engaged Serco Citizen Services Pty Ltd (Serco) as its service delivery partner for contact centre services in a two year contract. Serco will be operating the NDIA contact centre services out of locations in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The NDIA Contact Centre is integral to our service delivery strategy as it is often the first point of contact and experience participants and providers have with the NDIS. For this reason, it is critical that the Contact Centre is able to provide fast, accurate and effective advice to callers.

This approach is in line with the NDIA's commitment to continuously improve so that the NDIS offers participants a quality experience that makes a difference to their lives; which encourages a vibrant provider market that will progressively be deregulated; while ensuring that the Scheme is financially sustainable.

The use of external partners is not a new approach for the NDIA. A large proportion of NDIA work is already done in partnership with the private sector, for example a large number of service providers and Local Area Coordinators operate as representatives of the NDIA on the ground in local communities.

This partnership approach with the community and private sector has proven to be an effective and efficient means of ensuring the delivery of high quality services to NDIA participants. Sourcing our contact centre services from Serco will give ongoing flexibility, responsiveness and value for money.

Under the partnership arrangement, Serco's staff will be fully trained and will comply with all Commonwealth Government privacy and security requirements. As an Australian-based supplier, Serco will ensure that no services or data will go offshore.

Transition to our new contact centre supplier will commence from June 2018.