We’ve improved webchat

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Webchat is our online live chat platform, giving participants, nominees, providers and the public the ability to interact with the NDIS National Contact Centre (NCC) via instant messaging. 

We have spoken directly with participants and users about their experience of webchat and made improvements to it by:

  • making it easier to find on our website 
  • making our services more accessible by making some services you can do over the phone also available via webchat 
  • highlighting the availability of webchat transcripts and NCC receipt numbers so customers can easily reference their webchat conversations.

Webchat now has many of the same options participants and users expect when contacting the NDIS National Contact Centre including:

  • allowing bank account details to be updated options
  • issuing myplace activation codes 
  • the completion of verbal access requests (VAR) to enable access to the Scheme.

Ensuring a person’s privacy is an important component of webchat and we have secure processes to confirm participant identities, so they can be assured their details remain confidential. 

Webchat provides a quick and easy alternative for contacting the NDIS if you have difficulties using or accessing telephones and is fully compatible with most assistive technology currently available.

Find webchat at the top of all pages of the NDIS website next to the phone number, or for mobile devices at the bottom of the menu list shown as an icon of two speech bubbles. 

Webchat is available between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.