NDIA invites information around innovative digital payment solutions

The NDIA is seeking input and information on ways to improve how participants make claims and providers get paid.

The Agency has issued a Request for Information (RFI) via the Australian Government’s Procurement Information System, AusTender, seeking information on potential Claim at Point Of Support (C-POS) solutions to accelerate and streamline payment processing for NDIS participants and providers. 

The aim of the RFI is to gather information to inform the Agency’s development of a C-POS solution, so that NDIS participants or providers can claim for services immediately. 

‘We understand the process of claiming for participants can be challenging and complicated and we want to make it a smoother and quicker experience through better use of technology.’ NDIA CEO, Martin Hoffman said.

‘We are always looking for ways to make it easier for participants and providers when claiming. The information gathered through this RFI will hopefully help us to simplify that process.’

The RFI will ask for responses on design, cost estimates and payment options, and help identify a preferred solution design.

This is an essential piece of the Digital Roadmap announced by Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert in June this year, which aims to improve the overall digital experience for NDIS participants and providers. 

It is also a further demonstration that we are living up to the promises made in our Service Improvement Plan, which among more than 50 tangible improvements identifies the need for more flexible use of funding, including simpler methods of payment.

Further information about the RFI process, including how to ask questions, can be found at the AusTender website