Provider Sentiment and Satisfaction Survey 2020

The NDIA has published the results from our annual Provider Sentiment and Satisfaction Survey 2020, and are pleased to see key indicators either improve or remain steady.

We sent the survey to over 14,500 registered providers and had a response rate of 20%.

Provider sentiment has increased with 59% of providers feeling optimistic about the health of the NDIS market, up from 47% in last year’s survey. 

Provider satisfaction when interacting with the NDIA is the highest it’s been at 6.2 out of 10.

We use survey responses to inform the design of process and system improvements and prioritise actions to improve the provider experience. Survey results confirm our efforts are having an impact:

  • providers are much more confident that they can rely on the information on the NDIA website
  • providers are more satisfied that they receive timely responses to questions and issues
  • providers are more satisfied their claims are processed in a timely manner.

We also asked for feedback on the business impact of COVID-19 and we learnt that 62% of providers were planning to or had already made changes to their business model as a result of COVID-19. 

There are many learnings from the survey and major themes emerged through the qualitative analysis of provider responses:

  • there continues to be room for improvement in provider interactions with the NDIA
  • providers remain concerned about quality and registration, noting the cost and time involved
  • COVID-19 responses indicated a large number of providers have increased the services they have available through telehealth and have looked at it as a market opportunity.

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