We’re delivering flexibility through automatic plan extensions

The NDIA is committed to giving you more flexibility in your plan and certainty in your supports.

From April to 30 June, if your plan is due to end, you may be eligible to automatically extend your plan, without the need for a plan review.

An automatic plan extension means that instead of getting a new plan, your current plan will continue – with the same funded supports for the same duration as your current plan, up to 12 months.

If your plan review meeting is booked from April to 30 June and you are eligible for an automatic extension, we will get in touch to see if you would like to automatically extend your plan.

You can also contact us to request an automatic plan extension. We will discuss the options and let you know if you are eligible.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for an automatic plan extension if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • your plan is due to end between April and 30 June 2021
  • your plan is 12 months or longer
  • you are aged 7 years or older.

An automatic plan extension may be right for you if your supports and circumstances are stable.

If your plan review has already started, we will continue your plan review and you will not be eligible for an automatic plan extension.

If we agree to automatically extend your plan, you will have access to any unspent funds from your current plan, plus additional funds for the extended period.

Can I still have my plan reviewed?

Yes. You can still ask us for a plan review if your current plan is not meeting your needs.

Does automatically extending my plan give me a new plan?

An automatic plan extension is not the same as a new plan. If you choose to extend your plan, we can’t make any changes to it. 

Instead, all the same funding and supports in your current plan will continue for another 12 months.