Provider list now available to help participants find and compare information about continence products

Today we published the continence provider list – a collation of NDIS registered providers and their service offerings which will help participants, their families and carers find trusted information on continence products.

The list is an additional resource to help with finding and comparing continence products and providers. 

To be considered for the list, providers had to apply and meet our service requirements, which included accessibility, transparent pricing, range of products and customer service. 

From our consultation with participants, we know that many experience challenges finding trusted information and advice about continence products. 

Many also find it uncomfortable to talk openly about these matters due to the discreet and very personal nature of continence requirements.

That’s why we have put together this list to make researching and buying easier for those that need continence supports. 

At a glance, you will see a provider’s contact details, product range and a link to the provider’s website.

An evaluation panel, including a participant representative, reviewed all applications and selected providers that met the evaluation criteria.

Not all continence providers chose to apply to be considered for the list and participants are free to use their provider of choice or switch providers.  

To find out more about the list, visit the Continence provider list page.