New operational guidelines

New operational guidelines for Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are now available.

The updated guidelines are simple, clear and easy to use. 

They provide greater clarity about home and living supports, and what the NDIS can and can’t fund.

The guidelines provide clarification of current policy and process. They do not reflect any change in current policy. 

SIL operational guideline

The SIL guideline include updated content and further explanation about: 

  • type and intensity of SIL supports and how we make funding decisions
  • funding processes for SIL supports, including the evidence we need to make funding decisions  
  • supports that are, and are not, funded through SIL.

SDA operational guideline

  • include more information about how the NDIA considers the most suitable home and living option for a participant
  • give stronger guidance about how we consider other supports and when we decide if participants are eligible for SDA
  • give simpler guidance about how participants can use their SDA budget for any SDA vacancies they find
  • support the release of the SDA Finder, an interactive tool participants can use to search for SDA vacancies across Australia

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