Supporting more participants with longer plans and fewer reviews

We know that participants want longer plans and fewer reviews.

That’s why we are giving more participants the opportunity to simply continue their current NDIS plan, if their support needs are stable and their plan is working for them, instead of having to do a full plan review. 

What are we doing?

Over the coming months, some participants may receive a letter to let them know that their current NDIS plan will be continued when it reaches its end date, without having to do a full plan review.

This means eligible participants will continue to receive the same funded supports as their current plan for another 12 months, until the next plan review. This includes one-off capital items that have not already been purchased.

How do plan continuations support participants?

Participants will have greater confidence that they can continue to access their funded NDIS supports and services. They can access their latest NDIS plan through the participant portal.

What if my needs have changed?

If your needs and/or circumstances have changed and your plan no longer meets your needs, you should continue with your scheduled review.