Improvements to requesting Home and Living supports

We are improving the way participants can request home and living supports.

The NDIA is committed to supporting eligible participants to access the right housing supports in a timely and consistent way.

We want to deliver the quickest possible pathway to make decisions about home and living supports which respects a participant’s individual circumstances and often complex needs.

What has changed?

From 9 June 2022, the process for requesting home and living supports will change for participants.

Home and living supports are considered holistically as part of your overall NDIS plan. This means there is no need to ask for a change to these supports separately to your regular plan reviews. 

To request home and living supports, you can now use the new Supporting Evidence Form – Home and Living in one of following ways:

This form will help you to select the correct option based on your current need. This form should be supported with all relevant information, including any assessments or letters from your treating professionals.

This also replaces the previous Home and Living Supports Request Form.

Once completed, you can return this form in one of three ways:

  • Via email to: [email protected]
  • Via mail to: NDIA, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601
  • In person at your local NDIS or partner office. 

What are the benefits?

We’re making these changes to:

  • Speed up the process, ensuring you receive supports sooner
  • Align the process to our timeliness commitments under the Participant Service Guarantee
  • Simplify and embed a consistent process for all participants, so everyone can expect the same level of service. 

We spoke with participants, families and carers as well as providers, disability sector and other stakeholders to learn how we can improve our processes. Through these conversations, we identified an opportunity to streamline our processes.

As part of the Participant Service Improvement Plan (PSIP), we committed to making decisions quickly and consistently.

What if I have an upcoming review?

You can bring this form along to your scheduled plan review or if you need help from your planner.

If you would like us to consider adding new or additional home and living supports to your current plan, you can follow the existing process to request a plan review. 

If you are submitting this before your scheduled plan review, please do so within 100 days of your review. This will help ensure we have all the information we need early and reduce the need to request additional information.

What if I already submitted the previous form recently?

If you have already submitted a home and living supports form, you do not need to do anything else. We will still process and consider this request. 

What home and living supports does the NDIS fund?

We are also continuing to improve information about home and living supports on our website.

We have published new ‘Would we fund it ’ examples to provide a real life example of how we make decisions to fund different kinds of supports.

New examples include information on the following scenarios:

These are examples only and are not the only situations where this type of funding would be approved.

We will continue to add other ‘Would we fund it’ examples about home and living supports.