Progressing towards our new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business system

The NDIA is designing and building a new ICT business system. We have named this system PACE.

PACE will eventually replace the current business system, portal and payment systems.

PACE is being designed to be more user-friendly and make it easier for NDIA staff and partners to do their job, giving them more time to deliver a quality experience for participants and providers. 

Our design and build of PACE have been strongly influenced through our ongoing consultation with participants, staff, partners and providers.

It has also been influenced by the outcomes of prior consultation with participants. 

NDIA staff have now started testing features of the PACE system. This process will continue over the coming months. 

We are also continuing our engagement with staff, partners, participants and providers on the new system and its processes and how we want it work. 

In addition, we have started planning for a real time test of the PACE system. We expect to start real time testing in Tasmania by the end of 2022. 

We will provide further information about the testing process in the coming months.

The real time test will involve our NDIA and Partners in the Community staff using the new system with current and prospective participants, providers and the wider disability community.

Participants and providers will be supported by NDIA staff and our Partners in the Community through every step as we test the PACE system. 

We will be able to update and improve the PACE system based on the experience and feedback received during User Acceptance Testing, ongoing consultation and engagement and the testing in Tasmania.

This will make sure PACE works as designed, our training and support is appropriate, and the new system delivers an improved participant experience. 

We will make sure our national roll out of the new system is fit for purpose and incorporates feedback from everyone who engages with us, our partners and the Scheme.

We will continue to engage our stakeholders as we develop our plans for Tasmania and be deeply involved in guiding and advising the NDIA in our national roll out approach. 

Read our latest Quarterly Reports for more information updates on our ICT system. 

More information on PACE and the test in Tasmania will be available on our website soon.