Independent Expert review program

We have created an independent expert review (IER) program to help reduce the number of cases needing to go through to an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearing.  

The pilot phase of this program has commenced and involves a small selection of matters that have been put forward by disability advocates. 

The IER program involves the referral of a matter involving an application for external review of an NDIA decision to an Independent Expert.

The Independent Expert will review the matter and may meet with the participant in the process. 

The Independent Expert will make a recommendation as to the appropriate outcome of the matter. 

The NDIA has committed to act in good faith in the IER program and intends to accept the independent expert recommendations unless it has substantial reasons for not doing so.

The IER is a free, voluntary and confidential process that will be conducted within the current legislative requirements of the NDIS Act and Rules.

We have developed this initiative in consultation with disability advocates and community stakeholder groups and briefed the AAT in relation to it. 

As our early assessment processes improve more matters will be resolved and sooner.

A significant number of matters should eventually be resolved prior to AAT hearings because of these changes.

Visit the An improved approach to dispute resolution webpage to learn more.

Contact [email protected] for further information on the IER program.