How do we record your goals?

We listen to you carefully and record your goals in your own words as you tell us about them. This might mean we repeat goals back to you during our talk. If we have suggested a different way to describe your goals, or different words, we will get your consent first. We will also check the wording of the goal with you before we record it in your plan. 

We will use a strengths-based approach when we talk to you about your goals. We focus on your talents, strengths and potential and how that will help you to work towards your goals and independence. 

You can give us your goals any way, such as in writing or just by telling us. If you give them to us during your planning conversation or over the phone, we’ll write them down for you. We will check them with you before we include them in your plan. 

We record all your goals on your plan in the Participant Statement. You can have as many goals as you like in your plan, there is no maximum number of goals. 

Your plan must have at least one goal. If you don’t record any goals, we can’t finish the planning process and approve your plan. 

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20 April 2021
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