How will you pursue your goals?

Once you are happy with your goals, you can think about how you can work towards them.

You may have already taken steps towards pursuing your goal. We all learn from our past experiences. These questions might help you figure out what helped you and what didn’t. 

  • Have you had a go at doing this before?
  • What happened?
  • What worked or what didn’t work?
  • Who helped you? What did they do?

We want to understand what the steps to pursuing each goal would look like for you. We also want to identify any things that might get in the way of pursuing your goals straight away.

These questions will help you about things that might get in the way:

  • What could stop you from doing this?
  • Is there something you need to learn or do first?
  • Is there something you need from someone else?
  • Is there anything that needs to change?
  • Can you go to, or get in to, the places you need to go?

We will record the steps that you’ll take to help you pursue your goals in your own words. We’ll listen carefully to you to record the steps as you tell us about them. This might mean we repeat steps back to you during a conversation. We will also check the wording with you, and get consent if we suggest using different words before recording it in your plan,

We can record up to four steps for each goal.

Example 1

Goal: During this plan, I’d like to find part-time work where I can use my computer skills.

Steps to pursue this goal:

  • I’ll find out what skills I need to get a job and how many hours a week I’m able to work.
  • I’ll learn how to look for work and start applying for jobs.
  • I’ll learn how to take care of myself so I don’t need support to do this at work.
  • I’ll learn to control the way I respond to stress and unexpected circumstances.

Example 2

Goal: During this plan, I’d like to learn how to manage my own money. This is so I can pay for things myself and save money for a holiday with my friends.
Steps to pursue this goal:

  • I’ll be able to understand if I’m getting the right change when I go shopping.
  • I’ll gradually take control of my money, starting with paying for my clothes when I go shopping. 
  • I’ll develop a budget that I can follow and that will help me to save money.
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20 April 2021
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