Independent assessments

Over the next few months, we’ll be updating the information below to help you prepare for the start of independent assessments.

The Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, first talked about independent assessments in November 2019 and again in a recent statement.  

We’re talking to participants, their families and carers, and the disability community, to provide more information about independent assessments before they start in 2021.

There is still work to do to design and implement these changes. 

We will work with participants, their families and carers as well as providers and the disability sector to ensure we get these changes right.

Key facts

  • Your independent assessment will focus on your capability, rather than your disability. 
  • An independent assessment uses recognised, standardised tools. 
  • Independent assessors are qualified health care professionals, not NDIA employees. 

In 2021 we are improving how people access and use the NDIS by introducing independent assessments for NDIS participants aged 7 and over. 

During 2021 we will also look at how independent assessments apply for participants younger than 7. Because young children grow and change rapidly, we’re working on how we can best use the independent assessment process to inform the services and supports young children need in their NDIS plan.

We want to make the NDIS simpler, more consistent and easier to use for all Australians. 

Independent assessments create a complete picture of how you manage tasks and activities in your everyday life. How you do things like school or work, or take part in your community.

For you, an independent assessment will mean you don’t need to organise an assessment or collect evidence to show the impact of your disability, saving you time and money. Independent assessments will mean you have quick access to internationally recognised tools and qualified health professionals no matter where you live, or what your circumstances. 

For us, an independent assessment will capture some of the key information we need to create your NDIS plan and budget. It means we will have consistency in reports, which means we can spend more time talking to you about your goals and how to start your plan. 

Key dates

We are starting to talk about this now, because it is a big change and we want to help people prepare.

  • Mid 2021: independent assessments will be required as part of the access process.
  • By the end of 2021: independent assessments will be required as part of the plan review process. This is part of a new approach to planning that will mean plan reviews are based on life stages, instead of a year or two. Read more about the new approach to planning.

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